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Video Transcript - Weir Fishing 3

– [Narrator] To keep the
seine from floating around
in the water, a large rock
is attached to the bottom
of both ends before it’s dumped overboard.

– So we will run the seine from here.
Up by my father, that boat up there.

– Well, it if gets way up there on the way
we’ll drop the other end
of the seine overboard
and drag that end of the
seine back, down, and around,
the whole weir, back here.

(paddle splashing)

(paddle banging)

See, that end of that
seine isn’t right tight
against the weir and the herring
went around the end of it
and if they do, they move through.
So we keep a noise and
that will drive them.

(paddle splashing)

(paddle banging)

See that seine’s got a rope
right around the bottom
just like a…
They haul on me and it puckers
it right in the bottom.

– This part is the top.
It’s got the corks on it
to keep it floated up above the water.

This side here is the bottom.
It’s got leads on it
to keep everything tight on the bottom
so the fish can’t swim underneath of it.

These here are called the purse rings.
This green line goes around the bottom
of the whole seine on the leads.

When you get around the whole weir,
the two ends meet together,
and you want to haul this green line.
There’s an end on the
other end of the seine.
You want to haul it together,
it hauls all the rings
in the bottom, up over
the side of the boat,
and makes it so it’s just one big circle.
It’s all closed off.
That’s where the fish are at.

– [Narrator] To collect the herring,
a large carrier boat
will come to the weir.

– So now the sardine boat
is coming down the weir
to get the fish.
And they’ll take the corks in a minute.
And they’ll put the corks up
over the side of the boat.

(fishermen chattering)

(man laughs)

– [Man] There it is.

So you’ll be waiting an hour
or two to catch (indistinct).

– [Narrator] To bring the fish
closer together in the net,
the fishermen will haul the net up
onto their boat as the
carrier boat pumps them out.

– No one to bother ’em.

– No one to bother ’em there.