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This online project was developed with the support of the Digital Museums Canada investment program. Digital Museums Canada is managed by the Canadian Museum of History, with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

Huntsman virtual exhibit production team

Text for this website was researched and written by Claire Goodwin, Crystal Hiltz, Rebecca Milne, and
Tracey Dean, with additional species information written and compiled by Natasha Hynes, Frauke Nijhof, Kaye Puhakka, Gayathri Sreedharan, and Louise Warner.

Lesson plans and other education materials were written by Michael Friesen, Laura Barrett, and Tracey Dean. Career and technology interviews were contributed by Moira Brown, Ian Church, Crystal Hiltz, Peter Lawton, and. Kristen Wilson.

We thank all those who reviewed the text and provided additional information, particularly Cynthia Callahan, Danielle Dion, Bruce Broster, Christine Legere, Dave Wildish, and Katie Anne Rogers. Also the many volunteers who took part in focus group feedback sessions.

Digital production team

Website : Wunder (Mike Postma, Stephen Flynn)
3D Multibeam : TekMap Consulting (Bob Covill)
Illustration : Christopher Hoyt
Translation : Genny Simard
Proof-reading : Crystal Hiltz, Rebecca Milne (anglais); Rose Després (français).
Video editing : Claire Goodwin, Peter Lawton
360° video stitching and editing : Karen Vanderborght, Image fatale

360 video production team

Videography : Chris Harvey-Clark
Dive Team : Jean-Yves Forest, Connie Bishop (COJO diving), Claire Goodwin, Chris Harvey-Clark, Natasha Hynes, Patrick Fitzgerald
Crew of the Fundy Spray : Patrick Fitzgerald, Gary Libby, Briar Sewell

Image and video contributors

Connie Bishop, COJO diving
Sarah Bood and Coastal Livelihoods Trust
Carole Brown
Torben Brydges, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Maria-Inez Buzeta
Steve Cooke
Tracey Dean
Danielle Dion, Quoddy Link Marine
Nathan Dubrow
Johanne Dugas
Ralph Eldridge
European Space Agency
Claire Goodwin
Nick Hawkins
Crystal Hiltz
Adrian Kiva
Peter Lawton, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
The Marine Biological Association, UK
Emily Nelson, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Claude Nozères, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Andrew J. Martinez, Andrew J. Martinez Photography
Pat Farley Mowatt
Rika Nason
Austin Paul
Bernard Picton
Greg Skomal
Daniella Sneppova
Chandler Stairs
Michael Strong
Jolinne Surette
Jaclyn Walker
Kaleb Zelman
WeDrone NB

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